Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy Busy Weekend!

It was a super BUSY weekend, but sooo much fun!

On Friday we had game night at our friends Tiffany & Chris’s house. Jeremy has known Tiffany since he was in elementary school, but we just started hanging out with them recently and they are the sweetest couple! Board games might be one of my most favorite things. Although, I’ve figured out this weekend that I’m not very good at Pictionary! Which is strange because I love to doodle, I guess I’m just not good at pressure doodling!

The Teams:

The Boys

The Girls

One of my masterpieces… I’ll let you guess what it is…

Can you guess which team won? With a talent like me on your team, we were pretty hard to beat! ;)

Saturday we got up really early and headed to my parents house. My Great Aunt & Uncle were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and some of my family came down from Oklahoma for the party. My Aunt Susan (my mom’s sister) and two of her kids along with their spouses and children came. It was so great to see them and getting to play with their precious children. We also had a wedding to go to that day so we headed to Fort Worth to see Robin and Jon tie the knot!

Avery eating strawberries

Me & Avery


Sweet Andrew, doesn't this face remind you of "Blue Steel"?

Look at the those blue eyes! He's such a cutie!

My Cousins

Me, Pam, & Jessica at the Wedding

Me & Laurie

A little two-steppin at the reception

And then…. On Sunday we headed out to Cedar Creek Lake to celebrate Fathers day with Jeremy’s dad. I’m pretty sun burnt today, but well worth the fun in the sun!

Jeremy, Michelle, & Glenn

Michelle... Being Michelle! Love her!

A German Totem Pole??

The Kids

A silly pic

The Whole Gang

"Hand Jive" A new family tradition!

Me & Chelle!


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Tiffany said...

Okay seriously...in the German Totem Pole...they ALL 3 look SO MUCH alike! They all have the same smile! Crazy and so cute...they still look like their Daddy!