Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday Night Jeremy and I were invited to the Stars preseason game by my boss. We had a great time mingling with everyone. Although, I forgot how cold it is at hockey games and wore a sleeveless blouse. I froze my hiney off the whole night, but it was totally worth it. Jeremy even caught a gift certificate from one of those flying blimp things for $300 in free diamonds! I reminded him how beautiful his wife looks in diamonds and how much she loves presents! Ha! He then reminded me what $300 in diamonds will actually get…  I told him to save it for Christmas!

On Saturday we woke up early (and by early I mean 10:00 am) and got ready, then Jeremy, Beckett, and I went to Dallas to spend the day with one of my best friends. She recently found out she has Melanoma and had to have surgery to remove the skin cancer and to perform biopsies on her lymph nodes. She was pretty cut up and not feeling so hot so I wanted to bring her something yummy to eat to make her feel better. Jeremy and I stopped by Society Bakery to pick up some cupcakes (Italian cream, Oreo, and Key Lime! Delish!) and also stopped in at the deli next store to grab some sandwiches and soup. How could that not make you feel better??? It was a rainy yucky day so it was a perfect to just sit around and relax with a couple of my favorite people and of course my favorite dog. I think my friend really enjoyed having Beckett to cuddle with too, he loves to cover up with blankets and snuggle in. I think we were just what the doctor ordered because that was the first day she hadn’t had to take pain pills every 4 hours! Go team Neurohr!! Hahaha! I kid! Oh a serious note though, to see what she has been through has completely changed my perspective on tanning and sun safety! I will never ever step foot in a tanning bed ever again and will always wear sun screen when I’m outside. She said she would send pictures of her surgery if anyone still thinks tanning is a good idea and they’re not a risk! It’s totally not worth it! Spray tanning has gotten way better in the past couple of years, so if you need to be tan do that! I promise orange toes every once in a while is way better than skin cancer!

Cuddling on the couch!
That evening we had a dinner party at our Friend’s Cathy & Bobby’s house with another couple Tiffany & Chris. Cathy made a ton of food and I brought along a salad and some garlic green beans. Everything was so good, I was stuffed afterward! It was a lot of fun seeing everyone and hanging out. Tiffany is preggers so it was super cute to see her baby bump and hear all about her baby things. Can’t wait to meet lil baby R!

Sunday, I decided that I was going to clean out the closet in what is currently Beckett’s room. I had just stuffed stuff in there when we moved in and it has been driving me CRAZY! I am definitely one of those people that can’t stand waiting on other people or asking for help. Not a good combo when Jeremy is watching the Cowboys game and I’m trying to lift boxes full of text books to shelves 10 feet high! I dropped a couple boxes, no injuries, ran in to the closet door jamb a couple of times, only a few bruises on the forearm and knee, smashed my finger with a 40 lb dumbbell, slightly purple finger nail, and then smashed my finger with a 4.5x4 ft piece of plywood I’m using to make a headboard which caused a quite disgusting blood blister thing on my pinky finger… at that point I decided I needed to quit before I seriously injured myself. I felt like a bull in a china shop! Oh and If I ever actually finish the headboard I will post pictures!

The night before we had talked to Tiffany and Chris about a puppy play date on Sunday evening with their great dane, Teague and their weenie dog, Callie Rae. Teague is still a puppy and already looks three times the size of Beckett. We figured a bigger dog might be good to help Beckett with his aggression with other dogs. Tiffany invited a couple of her friends to the park who have two great danes as well. So between 3 danes, a boxer, and a weenie we were quite the spectacle at the park. Beckett wasn’t at all scared of the enormity of the danes and still tried to attack! No good! So we practiced sitting and watching and not growling. He finally was able to be about 5 feet away without getting upset after about 30 minutes. I figure that’s a great start since we haven’t been able to do that since we got him. We are so happy that we have friends that are understanding and are willing to help socialize him. We want him to like other dogs and not have to worry about him going nuts every time he sees another dog. By the time we left Beckett was soaking wet from playing in the kiddie water park and covered in doggy slobber so when we got home he got a nice relaxing bubble bath and passed out cuddled up next to mommy!

It was a fantastically busy weekend!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Best Lil Swimmer I know!

We spent the weekend at Cedar Creek Lake at Jeremy's Dad & Step mom's lake house a few weeks ago. Beckett loves going to the lake so of course we had to bring him along. As smart as Beckett is, he is just as equally clumsy! Jeremy says he takes after me! So due to this clumsiness and the fact that boxers aren't exactly known for the swimming ability, Beckett gets to wear a life jacket anytime we are close to the water! It definitely helped him out a couple times that weekend.

We spent quite a bit of time out on the dock just hanging out. Beckett cannot stand to not be where the people are so he was with us the whole time. Jeremy and his Dad were hanging out in the water and Kim, Beckett, and I were sitting on the lower level of the dock. Well Mr. Beckett decided he was going to try to sneak a little bite of dip off our makeshift table (a cooler) and I caught him. I guess it shocked him when I told him "No!" because he fell right off the side of the dock upside down. Luckily Daddy knew best and had the forethought to make me keep his life jacket on because he sunk right to the bottom before the life jacket flipped him over and brought him back up to the top. I felt so bad because he scuffed up his back leg and tummy, but I couldn't help but laugh. I'm pretty sure his little ego was bruised.

We don't keep Beckett on a leash when we are out there, there really isn't a need to. He is pretty much attached to someones hip at all times and the fact that he's too scared to really go anywhere by himself helps too. No one else in the neighborhood really keeps their dogs on leashes either and that's typically ok, except for when my crazy pup is in town. Beckett's is not a dog person by any stretch of the imagination, I say person because I treat him like a person and he's my baby! That afternoon the neighbors a couple houses down let their dogs out while we were still sitting outside. Beckett was not havin the other dogs in his area and was shaking and growling at them. Jeremy thought that since he wasn't on a leash he may be willing to meet them. Well this sweet lil old lady golden retriever came strolling over to say hi along with a yappy little dog that wouldn't stop barking. Jeremy was standing right next to all three of them and Beckett seemed fine and was just sniffing things out. Then all the sudden he turned on the golden retriever and went straight for her jugular! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! I panicked! Again we were close to the water on the lower deck and Beckett's paranoid parents still had his life vest on him; Jeremy picked him up by the handle on the back and chucked him right in the water! Then had to jump in after him to calm him down and get him out!

Needless to say we stayed on the upper deck or in the enclosed part of the backyard for the rest of the weekend.

Here are a couple pictures where Beckett was actually in the water on purpose. He was pretty good at swimming when he had too, but for the most part I think he just enjoyed sitting in the chairs hanging out with the boys!
Swimming to Daddy
Not so sure about this...
The boys relaxing in the water!
Such a brave boy!

Happy Tuesday!



Friday, September 17, 2010


Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! We had soooo much fun! I would have to say that is the BEST birthday present I have ever given! We left Saturday morning before Jeremy's birthday and came home on Tuesday. We stayed at The Aria, it's the newest hotel on the strip and I would completely recommend it to anyone who is planning on taking a trip out there. The rooms were great and the bed was so comfy (I'm super OCD about where I sleep and I loved this hotel so it's good)! Since the hotel is so new it had every amenity you could imagine. The whole room was completely controlled by a remote. It was so neat because when you walk in the room for the first time the lights come on, the curtains open, soft music starts playing, etc. Needless to say I was amazed! We were totally not ourselves when we were there, but I guess that's what you're supposed to do while in Vegas. We stayed up until 4:00 every morning dancing the night away, slept till 2:00, laid out at the pool all day and then started all over again! It took us a week to recover! We met some great people and had an awesome time!

On the plane!

The Bed

The Remote

Jer on the Strip

Me in Elvis in Excalibur I think

Lunch spot on our first day


The lions at MGM

Some new friends from Mexico & Canada

More new friends from England

Jeremy's Birthday Hula Hoop - He did way better than the girl he was against!

The Palms Balcony - It was really smokey inside and Jeremy eye's were not havin it! Ha!

Planet Hollywood

Jeremy's Birthday Dinner View ;)


And I had to add a going home shot... So tired and worn out...

Couldn't have asked for a better trip! And a big big BIG thank you the Jeremy's Mom (aka Beckett's Mimi) for staying with Beckett at our house! I know he appreciated getting to stay in his own home! And another BIG thank you to my Mom (aka Beckett's Gammie) for hanging out with him and taking him for a walk! You two are so good to your Granddog! Beckett loves his Mimi and Gammie!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beckett Loves Bathtime!

Or more like he tolerates it and behaves like a good boy and then loves getting out of the bathtub! After we dry him off we let him play with his towel and it is the funniest thing I have ever seen! He rolls all over the floor and twists and turns on his back. I had the cutest video of it, but I some how deleted it! :( I have a couple of him in the tub though that are so sweet! That should hold you ever until he gets another bath and I get a chance to video him do his lil twisty towel dance!

Such a precious face :)

The red thing on my hand has little nubbies on it so he gets a message while he gets all soapy too! I would love that, so I assume he does too!

I was told to put a towel and the bottom of the tub to keep his feet from sliding around. It seems to work good so I'm going to keep doing it, but man is it gross after we get finished!

Hope everyone had a great Thursday!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You may as well ship me off to Canada…

Cause this Texan DOESN’T like football! It’s a travesty I know…

But, for those of you who know me, know that I am not a sports person at all. I don’t watch sports, I don’t participate in sports, and I genuinely have no interest in sports. One of my Mom’s favorite stories of me with sports was when she enrolled me in soccer in 2nd grade. I told her that I hated soccer because the other girls were mean because they kept kicking at me! Ha! I quit very soon after that comment when I accidentally kicked my coach and cried about it… I haven’t played an organized sport since then and I would probably feel the same way now if I attempted to play soccer and I would probably also end up with several bruises and a broken something… I have no sports ability… I don’t have any sports anything!

All of this to say that my hubby LOVES sports! Any kind of sport, but especially football and of course that seems to be the one that I am least interested in if that’s possible. I’m trying to be a good wife and support his passion for sports though! I have probably watched more sports in this past year than I have in my whole life. I even wear my Texas Tech (his alma mater) shirt on Saturday and occasionally don my Cowboys shirt on Sunday! I also added a college football app on my phone! So since the football season has officially started our weekends have become football filled and I might just be a little brain dead by the time the last game ends on Monday! (Who even knew they played football on Monday! Not me!) My husband seems to think the more he teaches me about football the more I will be interested in it. That lasted about 5 minutes! So I have been keeping myself entertained by making dirty jokes about what the officials are saying. Well that has gotten me through the weekend and I am bored again.

Soooo… I needed something to do while I “watch” football with the hubs and cheer on his teams! My Mom and Aunt are both extremely crafty! I wish I could do half of what they are able to do. Well when I was little they taught me how to cross stitch, which is a very old lady craft, but I love it! I’m normally a very detailed person so it’s perfect and it can keep me interested for long periods of time which is a miracle in and of itself. Although when I mess up I get very annoyed and won’t touch it for several months. I have only finished one picture so far in my whole life. It’s an angel that’s about 13 inches tall and 11 inches wide I am very proud of. It hangs in our living room and if I catch anyone looking at it, I just have to tell them about it. It took me almost 3 three years to finish it! My Mom and Aunt could finish something that size in just a few months! Well I started a project several months ago, a little girl that I thought would be so cute for a baby girl’s nursery, but I haven’t touched it since we moved. Yesterday I dug through the storage closet and found it and started working on it again. I may be getting ahead of myself, but I think I want to find a little boy themed cross stitch pattern to work on when I’m done with this one. I told my Mom that I want to put the little girl picture in my future baby girls nursery and she thinks I’m jinxing myself into having only boys, so being OCD and a little panicky I have to do a little boy one too!

Let’s hope this keeps me busy and out of the hubby’s hair!

Wreck’em TECH! And... whatever Cowboy fans say! YAY!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Houston Trip!

So I have been soooo bad at blogging lately! Life has just been CRAZY! Between work and traveling for work and traveling for fun I haven't made the time to sit down and just do it!

Jeremy and I went to Houston a few weeks ago to visit his Dad, Glenn and Step Mom, Kim! They also let us bring Beckett with us! We were so happy that he got to come along! He did wonderful on his first road trip! We left in the middle of the day which is normally his nap time and he fell asleep like this in the back of the truck! Too cute!

Again I was very nervous about bringing Beckett into a new situation, but once again he surprised me and was an absolute doll! Kim and Glenn have a three story house and Beckett loved walking up and down the stairs and watching us from the balcony! He also really enjoyed sitting on the veranda scoping out the cats across the street! He did have an accident though! He pottied on the 2nd floor balcony that was over the driveway. I'm sure he was wondering why he was outside and he couldn't find any grass. Well Beckett's a big dog so he's got A LOT of wee wee and it dribbled over the edge right on top of Jeremy's truck and all down the windshield! Jeremy didn't find it quite as amusing as me!

Besides just coming down to visit and do lots of shopping with Kim, they invited us to come to a street festival in the...


It was really HOT, but so much fun! I especially liked getting to dress all matchy matchy in white! And the bonus fact that it's about the only color that makes me look tan! ;) I bought a special dress just for the event that I love! Me and Kim also went shopping on Saturday and I got the light pink head band I wore that night too!

Me & Jer

Me & Kim

The Twins (Jeremy and his Pops!)

And... I got to meet The Little Couple! I was so excited and they were so sweet and let me take a picture with them!

The sunset was so pretty over the street and the lights were very fun when they came on too!

We left after about two hours because of the heat and because I of course wore ridiculous shoes that were killing me after walking around the streets all afternoon! We headed to this place...

Which sounds very questionable, but is actually a very cute bar/lounge. It was so busy from the White Linen Night people that there was literally no room left in the Boom Boom Room! We just called it a night after that, we were all quite tired from the heat.

The next afternoon before we left we had lunch at a cute little Texas Hill Country themed restaurant. Enchanted Rock was were Jeremy took me on our first real date and I couldn't resist taking a picture with the sign! Shiny forehead and all!

It was a great weekend and we can't wait to go back! I think because I have lived so long in Dallas that I was a bit biased against Houston, but it was actually way better than I thought! I love being pleasantly surprised!