Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Updates & Recaps...

I was lucky enough to have the afternoon off last Wednesday before Thanksgiving. So I strolled out of the office at 12:00 and went to have a yummy lunch at Whole Foods with Jeremy before I headed home to pack for me, Jeremy, and Beckett to go to my parents house for a couple days.

And since I had to pack for Jeremy I decided to play a lil prank and only pack him hot pink and lime green socks! HA! He was soooo excited about that! Hehehe!

They are only an hour away, but when we go we tend to stay a while. It’s just so nice to have someone take care of you. They cook, clean, take care of Beckett, and let us sleep in! It’s FANTASTIC!

Thanksgiving was amazing as usual. It was my parents, brother, Jeremy’s Mom (Kay), and his sister (Michelle) and her fiancĂ© (Rod). I feel so blessed that we are able to spend thanksgiving with both of our parents (minus Jeremy’s Dad (Glenn) & Stepmom (Kim), maybe they will be able to join us next year <3). I ate sooooo much food and then continued to pile it in for the next 2 days! I couldn’t help myself… :-/

It was freezing on Thanksgiving day so my parents had to bring in their tomato plants and I somehow convinced them the make fried green tomatoes! They were DELISH! I couldn’t have been more thankful for some cold weather and one of my favorite foods! I didn’t take any pictures of Thanksgiving stuff on my camera though… they were all on my dad’s camera and the pictures sizes are too big to email… Boo!

Friday I was planning to do a lot of black Friday shopping, but I just couldn’t convince myself to get out of bed and deal with the crazies. I did get out later that afternoon and bought a few things. I finally got the materials to make Riley’s (My BF’s baby) 1st birthday tutu! It turned out way cuter than I thought! We also met Homer... That's a whole other post... I'll just tell you it didn't go well. Hopefully I will get to that tonight or tomorrow.

Saturday morning we finally got off our booties and took ourselves home! I cleaned the house a little and got cleaned up for dinner with Kim, Glenn, Michelle & Rod. We went to one of my favorite spots in Dallas, Eno’s. It’s a pizza place in the Bishop Art’s District. I love that you can eat tons of pizza and then walk it off looking in all the cute shops down there! I got a couple Christmas presents while I was there too!

On Sunday I think we were the most productive we have EVER been. I guess all the relaxation caught up to us and we needed to get busy. I cleaned the rest of the house, bought some more Christmas decorations as well as a new tree (our old one was from my apartment and looked teeny tiny in the new house), completed decorating the house, planted spring bulbs and winter pansies, and then wrapped presents!!! I was so proud of all of our accomplishments!

We even topped off the night off with a trip to Petsmart with Beckett. He was obsessed with the Guinea Pigs! We had to drag him away from their cages! It was too funny!

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A new precious boy!

So excited to tell you that my parents are adopting this little bundle of joy!! They are adopting him from the same place we got Beckett, Legacy Boxer Rescue. He is a HUGE 8 month old little boy who's name is currently Homer! Ha! They get him on Friday morning and I can't wait for Beckett to meet his new best friend! I'm sure I will have plenty of pictures and video of them playing! CAN'T WAIT!!! Please pray that Beckett likes him and they get along!

They are trying to decide what to name him. There's a debate between Baxter and Boo! What do you think?


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Jeremy and I started Couch to 5K last night! I’m pretty excited about it. I have been saying that I want to be able to run a 5K for the past couple of years.

I started running when I was trying to lose weight for my wedding, but I never got past more than a mile and a half at one time. It got too hot, I got distracted with wedding stuff and gave up pushing myself to do more. I also was trying to do it all at once, meaning I would run a mile and a half and then expect myself to be able to run two miles the next day… Never being able to accomplish that goal was definitely disheartening and I gave up. I just couldn’t push myself to do it… I know it’s all mental or at least that’s what everyone tells me. I have a hard time believing that when it feels like my lungs are going to explode out of my chest! Hopefully this program will help with that and I can gradually work up to it.

I have read lots on this program and I like that it makes it so easy. Not only in the fact that it literally is for the beginner runner, but I downloaded the Iphone app and I have a little voice in my ear that dings and tells me when to run and walk and how much time I have left. So I literally don’t have to think at all. I tuck my phone away too so I can’t watch the time either.

I found a blog that wrote a great review and it really gives me a lot of reassurance that I can do it and actually complete it. It also makes me glad that I’m not the only one that views running as PURE TORTURE!

Click the picture to read the review.

Last night’s run/walk was really easy and I felt great afterwards. You are only suppose to do the runs 3 x’s a week but I think we are going to repeat the runs a couple times extra a week just to get some more exercise.

Beckett is going to be running with us! He seemed really happy after the run last night too! Hopefully I can find a doggy 5K that we all can run sometime early next year!

Keep your fingers crossed that I keep up with this. I think I am going to find a race and pay for it soon so that I have to complete it! I’m such a tightwad it might actually push me even harder! HA!


Monday, November 22, 2010

The Boy Likes to Cuddle...

I was looking at the pictures on my phone this afternoon and noticed a reoccurring theme from this weekend. Beckett really likes to cuddle! He'll curl up and snuggle in with just about anyone who'll let him!

He cuddled up with Tinley Kay! We both can't wait until she gets here!!

And Tiff of course...

Chris had to get some of the action too!

And these two fell asleep on my lap last night while I was watching some girly show. I couldn't help but snap a shot of this adorableness!


Beckett should be a model!

Our photographer posted a sneak peek of our pictures from this weekend on her blog! You can get to them from HERE! We had a great time doing them and Beckett was a champ! He looks so cute in his pictures and he did awesome posing for everything considering there were a lot of distractions in downtown Rockwall! Can't you just see this sweet face on a dog food package!

Jill is an an amazing photographer! If you're in the Rockwall area you should definitely use her for any of your picture needs!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a wonderful short work week and a blessed thanksgiving!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Thoughts....

1. We have our family pictures tomorrow and I’m hoping the weather cooperates and it’s not too cold or windy! Really nervous about what we should wear too… Any suggestions???

2. I had a great meeting yesterday that I can’t really discuss, but I just know it’s FATE! I for once in my life am letting God take control and he is working in ways that I never thought possible! It’s kind of nice to not have an exact 1/2/5 year plan! Yes, I have had those and God has laughed at me several time while he completely changed them! I started freaking out about it but I have gotten some great advice from a couple close friends and I’m feeling more comfortable with it! It’s actually very calming to not have to be in control constantly!

3. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday! We will be at my parents house and some of Jeremy’s family will be joining us! We are so blessed that we are able to spend holidays with both of our families!

4. I have sort of felt the “baby bug” lately! Oh. My. Gosh! I know!!! My best friend sent me this LINK. THANK THE LORD! Exactly what I needed to hear and it confirmed a lot of my fears about it all! I can’t wait to have lil ones, but this definitely slowed down the excitement for it. Any newlywed ladies out there that are thinking about lil ones in the near future should read this too! The time we get to spend as a couple, just me and him is so valuable and I want to make sure we have spent plenty of time being wild and crazy before we really “settle down”.

5. I hate getting anxious about things… it makes my stomach hurt!

6. Had this conversation last night with a friend, but I still really just cannot understand how people can have no regret about their past. I get the whole it made me a better person or I learned from it blah blah blah, but it still doesn’t make sense to me. I regret a lot of things that I have done in my life and wish I could take them back. Not sure how other people can’t feel that way too at least on some level.

7. I love having a husband that is in the same field of work as me. We spent over an hour debating the benefits of for-profit & not-for-profit hospitals this morning and it was so fun! Nerdy, I know… I also love that we have so much in common and that we can always find something to have an interesting conversation about. I hope we never turn into one of those couples that just stare off into space when they go out to eat.

8. Beckett has become a whiner… not sure how he learned that, but he has figured out that it makes me feel bad for him and he gets what he wants. It’s becoming very annoying and we’re working on trying to make it stop.

9. Been doing a lot of praying for blog friends lately. They are people I don’t know, but love reading about. It’s kinda strange that I feel like I know these people so well and I have no idea who they are… I am amazed that they have the courage to share their struggles and heartache with complete strangers. Sometimes I wish I was able to open up that much.

10. This is probably the most personal, random blog post I have ever written and I think I am going to try to continue to be a little more open. It feels kinda good to get some random stuff off of my chest.

Happy Friday everyone!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Pictures & Christmas Cards!

I’m so excited because this weekend will be the first time Jeremy and I will be doing family pictures together! We are going to be doing them in downtown Rockwall with Beckett! I’m still trying to figure out outfits and how I’m going to do my hair and so on and so forth, but I can’t wait!!!

But what’s even more exciting is that we are going to do Christmas Cards for the first time too!

I hadn’t really thought about it too much until I saw several blog friends posting about SHUTTERFLY'S promotion! 50 free holiday cards?!?! Wait what??? I was all over it! I have heard great things about SHUTTERFLY from friends and I made a book with SHUTTERFLY after our wedding that I love! So I couldn’t pass up this opportunity!

I’m so pumped now and I can’t believe that Christmas is right around the corner! I can’t stop looking at the cards! There are waaaayyyyy too many cute ones to pick! I think I have narrowed them down to a few though. These are the ones that I love:

Which one should we pick? Not gonna lie... I think #1 & #4 are my favs!

Hopefully our pictures will turn out wonderful and Beckett will cooperate! I can’t wait to see how they turn out and to send them out! I know I will definitely be ordering more than the 50 free ones that the promotion gives away and I might even splurge and get some matching gift tags too!

If you blog and want 50 free Christmas Cards too, go HERE!

Happy Monday Friends!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

I am thankful:
  1. For the veterans that have served or are serving our country. I’m especially thankful for my Grandfather and my father who served in the marines and for making the sacrifice for not only our family but for our country.
  2. For my wonderful husband. I don’t know where I would be without him. I love him more and more everyday!
  3. That I only had to be away from him for three work weeks and he is coming home today! I don’t know how you military wives do it! I’m a mess when he’s gone!
  4. For little love notes my hubs sends me throughout the day. When he hears a song that reminds him of me he sends me the lyrics. I think it’s so sweet. The last lyric he sent was “I get carried away by the look by the light in your eyes...” by George Strait. That was the song we danced to for our first dance at our wedding. Makes my heart melt!
  5. For friends that come over and run with me when it’s dark outside because I’m too afraid to go by myself. Not a fan of the time change!
  6. For a best friend that I can call at anytime just to randomly talk or whine or complain to. I love the fact that even though we live so far away from each other we are still just as close as when we left college if not closer.
  7. That I get to go to Nashville to see my best friend in December! Can’t wait!
  8. For my sweet Beckett keeping me company and keeping me safe while Jeremy has been away! He’s such a good guard dog!
  9. For the cooler weather and getting to wear the adorable/warm cardigans I just bought on sale at Ann Taylor!
  10. For coffee!
  11. Good books! My new favorite author is Philippa Gregory! I just finished The Other Boleyn Girl, it was so good. It might be the best book I have ever read, although I say that pretty much after every book I read. I can’t wait to go get the next book in the series and start on it.
  12. Quilts to snuggle up in while reading my new book!
  13. Weekends spent with family and friends!
What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Weekend!

We had a wonderful and RELAXING weekend!

Beckett had his play date with Story, his foster brother, and he did wonderful minus a couple hiccups! It was so sweet to see them play together.

After Beckett's playdate we had our first family pumpkin carving! Beckett really doesn't like the gooey stuff that we were getting out of the pumplkin, especially when he sniffed it and the stringy stuff stuck to his nose! I drew the "n" on the pumpkin and Jeremy cut it out. I have to say that he did a fantastic job! Then of course I had to do a photoshoot with Beckett.

Later that evening one of my best friends, Amanda, came over to watch scary movies and hang out. We were scared out of our minds, but we always have a ton of fun together. Poor Jeremy has to sit through our constant random talk, but I think he really enjoys it! ;)

On Halloween, we got to go to the Cowboys game thanks to Jeremy's Dad and Kim. We had a ton of fun even though they played horrible.

The Rangerettes performed before the game! I love them.

The half time show was awesome! They did a Thriller themed dance and I was so jealous that I couldn't be down there dancing with them!

That eveing we dressed Beckett up in his turtle costume! He only let me keep it on him long enough for a couple pictures and a few trick-or-treaters!

I also found out this weekend that my parents have decided to adopt another boxer!!!! I'm so exited! I can't wait for Beckett to have another friend to play with! And also because they will be saving another sweet boxer in need!

Hoping this week goes by fast! We have tickets to go to Nascar with my Daddy & Uncle David this weekend! Can't wait!