Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hello loves! Sorry I've been MIA... This week has been a whirlwind. The new job is going great and I'm just trying to take it all in. I think I'm really going to like it there, everyone has been so nice and welcoming. It's going to be an incredibly busy job though, so it looks like there won't be anymore blog reading or Facebook checking during the day... :(

Jeremy has been out of town for work this week too, so trying to adjust to the new job while he is gone and having to do everything on my own has been so tiring! Ha! I haven't worked out once this week! Oops! I'm starting back today though and hoping I can keep it going!

Hopefully I will adjust to my new life quickly and be back to posting and commenting more regularly very soon!

In other news I'll be going to the Eli Young Band concert tonight with my MIL and SIL! Can't wait!! Eli young is my favorite band!!!


Monday, April 25, 2011

My Birthday Weekend!

I had the most amazing birthday weekend! We spent the weekend out at Jeremy's Dads lake house. My Dad took Jer and I on a guided fishing trip on Saturday morning and then Saturday afternoon we had a few friends and family out to celebrate crossing over the 20's hill!

Jeremy was way too excited to wait to give me my bday present on Monday, so I got it on Friday! A Canon Rebel T2i and my MIL, SIL, & future BIL got me that adorable camera strap! My parents also gave me my present on Friday! My Mom got me some adorable shoes and my Daddy got me a guided fishing trip!

We headed to the lake house Friday afternoon to relax and get to bed early! Had to spend some time up on the deck and have a couple glasses of wine though!

My Momma & Daddy

Saturday morning we were up before the sun came up and watched the sun rise from the boat! It was stunning!

Jeremy got the award for smallest fish! Ha!
And I got the award for BIGGEST fish!!!

I caught a 50 lb catfish!!! It was crazy! All of the sudden I almost got pulled over the boat and my rod was bending in half. Our guide was convinced I was caught on the bottom of the lake so he took the rod from me to get it unstuck. After about 30 seconds he realized there was a fish attached! He gave the rod back to me and told me to reel as hard as I could!!! This fish was definitely stronger than me! My arms got so tired after about 10 minutes of trying to get this sucker in the boat! I finally gave in and handed my rod to Jeremy to finish up the job! At this point I was convinced that I had the Loch Ness Monster on my hook! It took Jeremy about 5 to 10 more minutes to get the beast in the boat!

I was in total shock! Talk about an adrenalin rush! Soooo much stinkin fun!!!

Me and my Dad also caught 2 pretty good sized hybrids!

All in all we caught about 42 fish! Mostly sand bass.

When we got back to the lakehouse my Momma had everything ready to have people over! I was so happy so many people could make it out since we kinda put everything together very last minute on Easter weekend! I had an absolute blast! Couldn't have asked for a better birthday!

My Beckett birthday Cake! Loved it! It was super yummy too!

He was our guard dog for the weekend!

Some of the girls up on the deck!

Can't believe the guys got in the water! Still a little too cold for me!

Me & Amanda!
The next morning we were TIRED! Beckett was being a total Momma's boy and wouldn't leave my side.

This is how I found him asleep while I was cleaning up. He's so silly!

Today was my actual birthday! Jeremy took care of me all day! He also took me for a couples message and made me dinner! It was a perfect weekend!

Tomorrow I start my new job! I can't wait, but I am so nervous, excited, and anxious all at the same time! I got this fortune in my fortune cookie today at lunch and I just had to share! I really hope it's right! I'm gonna need it this week!


Monday, April 18, 2011

We've been here...

Just hangin out and being lazy... Me and Beckett have been relaxing and spending qaulity time together all week. I haven't been feeling so hot so we've had lots of snuggle time.

I did manage to get out of the house on Tuesday and do a little shopping and got some really cute tops at old navy for practically nothing! Yesterday I headed out to Fort Worth to the hospital where I did my residency to have lunch with some old coworkers. I forgot how big that hospital is and after walking all over the place in my 4 inch heels I have major blisters on my big toes! Ouch!

Today I'm planning on having lunch with the hubs and then heading over to my fav mall in Dallas to get some new work clothes. Need to freshen up the wardrobe for the new job! Followed hopefully by a pedicure and a margarita!

I'm really really really excited for this weekend! Jeremy is throwing me a birthday party out at his dad's lake house and I can't wait! Makes entering into my late 20's a little easier! ;)

Ps... I'm too lazy to actually get out of bed to get my computer so I'm posting from my IPad on BlogPress which is why the photo quality is so bad. Anyone know how to fix this?


Fear & Excitement

Today is my last day at my current job! I am so excited to be moving on to bigger and better things!!! My new job is an amazing opportunity and I'm still kind of in shock that it was given to me, I thought I still had about 10 years to go before I would be in this type of role. I can't believe it, I'm thrilled!

But.... I'm also kinda freaking out on the inside wondering if I will be able to handle this new challenge. I'm hoping my new employees don't eat me alive the first day. My current coworkers were having me practice my "stink eye" last Friday at happy hour. I think I have it perfected! Ha!

I'm looking forward to a week off to relax and clear my head before I jump into the new job!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


Friday, April 15, 2011

A New Tradition

About two weeks ago a yogurt shop opened up within about a mile from our house. If you haven't already figured this out or your a new reader, I'm totally obsessed with FroYo! So I knew this was going to be bad news for my waist line... So instead of denying myself my fav treat we decided to make it a little healthier.

We are now walking once ok twice a week to the yogurt shop and sitting outside with Beckett to have yogurt for dinner! I'm loving this new weeknight tradition! Two mile walk, fat free yogurt with fruit on top, and then insanity afterward. I think that totally makes it ok to have yogurt for dinner twice a week! At least that's what I'm telling myself!



Thursday, April 14, 2011

Generational Differences?

This week at work the company held a seminar regarding generational differences in the work place. Mostly it was about how old people can relate to us crazy kids!

At the end of the session they handed out this handy dandy little card to everyone with texting lingo.

Apparently I belong to the incorrect generation... I knew maybe like 5 of these. I know I can be a little grandmomish at times, but I really didn't think I belonged in the baby boomer category....


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving that I only have a few more days at this job before I get to start at my new job! Although I'm going to really miss some of my coworkers :(

I'm Loving that I'm taking a week off before I start my new job!!! Hello Spring Break!

I'm Loving that my birthday is less than two weeks away! I can't believe I'm going to officially be in my late 20's! Eeek!

I'm Loving Insanity! Or at least that's what I'm telling myself!

I'm Loving that our patio is finally coming together and that we have already had several BBQ's out there with friends and family! Pictures coming soon, I promise!

I'm Loving my plans for this weekend! Kyoto for Lauren's b-day celebration, San Martino Winery again with the girls and maybe boys too, and then a musical on Sunday with my MIL, SIL, & AIL!

I'm Loving that lake weather is just around the corner!

And of course...

I'm Loving my boys!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fountain How-To

I posted a few weeks ago about the fountain that Jeremy and I created and I finally got around to doing a how-to.


1. Flower Pot - we choose a glazed clay pot because I like the way it looked.

2. Fountain Pump - you can find this in any home improvement stores garden section. Dependent upon the size of your pot and how high you want the water to spray there are different pump water height levels so make sure you pick the right one to go with your pot.

3. Spray on Water Sealant

4. Plumbers Putty

5. Decorative Rocks

Water Sealant & Plumbers Putty

Spray inside of pot with Water Sealant at least up to the point where the water will be so that it doesn't leak out of the clay. If you use a plastic or metal pot you can skip this step.

After the water sealant is dried put the pump electrical cord through the hole in the bottom leaving enough slack on the cord for it to sit on top of the rocks and seal the hole with the plumbing putty. Let it set up for at least 24 hours.
Make sure to clean your rocks off well so that they don't muddy the water and add them to your pot. Try to make a flat base for the pump to sit on.
This is what ours looked like before we added the water.
Fill the pot with water up to the sprayer head.
Plug the pump in and.... Ta da!

We used two large pots to add some height & interest and just ran the electrical cord through the other hole and out the bottom. Luckily there is a grout line that the cord will fit through so the pots don't rock or wiggle.
 That's it!

Hope that was helpful! I think it's a lovely addition to our new patio!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap!

We had a busy busy weekend! I was exhausted by the time Sunday evening rolled around. So instead of writing paragraph after paragraph of everything this weekend entailed I opted for bullet point. And really who doesn't enjoy a good bullet pointed list on a Monday afternoon! Ha!

  • Early happy hour after work with some coworkers that I won't see again before my last day due to traveling at a local bar, Stoneleigh P.
  • Dinner with Friends that were in town from Nashville for a funeral. Horrible reason for them to be in Dallas, but glad I got to see them and thier lil one, Riley. I only got one pic... :( But at least it was of our two babies.

  • Hair appointment! Chopped almost 6 inches off!!! If you remember my post here, you understand the serious amount of stress cutting my hair causes. I went with a recommendation from Lindsey and I love it! I will definitely be going back!
  • Out to the west side of the metroplex to watch my cousins kids play baseball and softball follwed by me having to leave early because I got my first BAD sunburn of the season. I even had sun screen on... I can't stand pale skin! Ugghhhh... The rest of my olive skinned perfectly tanned family looked all kinds of golden and glowy while I left in pain looking like a lobster. Why did I have to miss out on that gene???
  • After a nap and a painful shower, me and the SIL headed out to San Martino Winery for Sister's Night! We had a blast and I drank the sun burn pain away!
  • Yes, we brought Pizza Hut with us to a winery. We're classy! Some old drunk guy with a fancy picnic basket wanted our leftovers though, so it made us feel a lttle better.
    The new do! What do you think????

    Notice how pink I am?
    Me and my SIL! Jeremy and her could never deny they are related!
    Beautiful sunset over the vineyard!
  • The winery closed at 9:00 so we headed over to meet Jeremy at our friends house before heading home to crash.
  • Slept in until 11:00! Can't remember the last time I did that! Too much wine and sun I guess!
  • Ran errands. Made my first goodwill trip trying to be all sorts of crafty like all these blog ladies I read about with perfect looking homes. I left with nothing except for the strange smell of old shoes lingering in my hair...
  • Grocery shopping and light cleaning while Beckett watched Daddy mow.
  • Wish I could spend the day relaxing watching my hot sweaty man mow! Ha! Too much?
  • Sunday night family dinner with Jer's family. This is a new tradition we've started and I love it. Last night was our night to host. I made Spinach Lasagna Wraps and they were delish! You can find the recipe here.
  • Cleaned up, cuddled with my boys, then bed!
Great weekend! Hope yours was too!

One more question! If you haven't noticed all my pictures are pretty much from my iphone, my current camera is older and it's a huge pain getting pictures off it and loaded onto the computer. So I've asked for a new camera for my birthday! I was thinking about the Canon Rebel T3. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on this bad boy?