Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from my little turkeys!

We hope you have a wonderful day!!


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Monday, May 28, 2012

Cuddle Time

We love getting to hold and cuddle our girl. She seems so content and happy in our arms. I know she makes us the happiest people in the world when we get to hold her. We've been able to hold her more the past few days and our hearts just overflow with joy when we get to.

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? Melts my heart to see her with him.

Emerson is still doing pretty good. She has a little rash on her tummy so they are putting some antibiotic ointment on that just to make sure it's not something bad. We are also still working on feeding, she doesn't seem to be a fan at the moment... She's up to 58 mLs per feeding and she's having a hard time finishing all of it from the bottle or from breast feeding so we are having to do a tube feeding pretty much every time.

Please keep praying for Emerson. We want to take her home so bad!


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Friday, May 25, 2012

Eme's 1st Week

My sweet little Emerson or as we call her Eme turned 1 week yesterday! It was longest and fastest week of my life. I don't really know any other way to describe it. There has been so many emotional ups and downs, I was prepared for her to be a preemie, but we were completely caught off guard by the skin issue. I've never been described as a patient person and waiting to know what's going to happen with our sweet baby's skin is torture.

I want to document this journey so Emerson can read this when she's older and know how loved she is and what an impact she's made on my heart.

This week:

- You have had tons and tons of visitors. Grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, great aunts and uncles, and good friends have all stopped by to meet our miracle! They have all been so good to us and have brought food and necessities while Daddy and I have been staying in the NICU. Nana spent your first several nights at the hospital with us and comes every day to visit. I don't know what we would do without our amazing family and friends.

- Eme, you are still weighing right around your birth weight, gaining or losing each day but staying really close to your original weight. Yesterday you weighed 5 lbs 11 oz!

- The doctors have been bumping up your feeding volumes regularly and are at 50 mLs per feed. You do pretty good until you get to the last 10-15 mLs and then get tired/disinterested and you have to have the rest through a feeding tube they put down each feeding. We're praying you get stronger and hungrier so you don't need the feeding tube anymore.

- All the nurses comment on how sweet your disposition is. You rarely cry and only get upset when you have a dirty diaper or have the feeding tube in too long.

- You love to cuddle. I get to hold you about once a day right now and as soon as I pick you up you snuggle right in and fall asleep.

- Your skin continues to heal and you are making great improvements in your ability to blink, suck, and wiggle.

- You are just the cutest lil thing and you melt my heart every time I look at you.

- Daddy changed your diaper this week for the first time and he was so proud. He's so nervous he's going to do something wrong or hurt you because you're so little, but I just love watching him interact with you. You're an incredibly blessed girl to have him as your Daddy.

- Goodness! I just love you so much and can't wait to take you home! I pray for you constantly and know there is so many people praying for you too! I just know you are going to be all right and everything is going to work out.

Please continue to pray for our girl, specifically for her skin to continue to heal and for her feedings to get better so she doesn't have to have the feeding tube anymore.



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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Emerson Renee

Our baby girl has made her debut! Emerson Renee was born on May 17th at 7:53 pm. She was 6 weeks early and weighed 5 lbs and 7 oz and was 18.5 inches long. She is doing well and is breathing all on her own. Our was baby girl was born with an incredibly rare skin disorder though. She basically looks like she has a really bad sunburn which will cause her skin to peel and then reveal her "real" skin underneath. There is a 10% chance that she has perfect skin underneath or it could range from just dry skin to a pretty severe skin issue. We are praying our little miracle is a part of that 10%. She will probably be in the NICU for at least a few weeks while we get her skin situation figured out. Our girl is putting up quite the fight and proving everyone wrong on a daily basis by healing so quickly! Please pray for our sweet baby and specifically for her to have healthy skin and strength to get through the next few weeks.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week 18!

Beckett had to get in on the Bump picture action!

How far along? 18 weeks & 1 day

Size of the baby? Lil Neu is the size of a sweet potato, average size: 5.6 inches & 6.7 ounces

Maternity Clothes? I have bought a pair of maternity jeans and a couple pair of maternity leggings and they are the most comfortable things on earth! Don't know why I held out so long! I'm still wearing regular clothes for everything else with bella bands to keep my pants up.

Weight Gain? Depends on if the doctors office weighs me right after a BIG bowl of frozen yogurt! Ha! About 6 pounds!

Stretch Marks? Nope! I slather on Momma Bee Oil and my favorite lotion all over my tummy, chest, back, hips, and bum and then pray really hard that I won't get any! :) I look like I've been greased up with Crisco by the time I'm done.

Gender? We'll know tomorrow!

Movement? Feeling it more and more everyday! It's absolutely the most amazing feeling!

Sleep? Good until I have to get up to potty around 4:00 am and then I have a really hard time falling back to sleep.

Food Cravings? Vegetable soup! Yum! I've eaten it for dinner every night this week.

What I Miss? Nothing really at this point, just so thankful to feel better!

Symptoms? Always feel bloated and constipated (TMI?). Still getting nauseous and heartburn every once in a while if I don't take my medication on time.

Best Moment of the Week? Feeling baby "dance" around while I sung my favorite praise song to him/her, "God is Love" - started crying in the car and probably looked like a total crazy person, but it was an amazing moment!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Details!

Hey! It's been forever, I'm a terrible blogger, I know! Well us Neu's have been busy busy busy! In August the new hospital tower opened at work and it completely consumed my life for the next two months! I was exhausted/stressed out pretty much 24/7 through September. In October we took an amazing vacation to Mexico to celebrate our belated 2nd anniversary. We spent the week acting like honeymooners and ignoring our IPhones and work email. It was amazing and after the previous 2 months I had, I needed the relaxation more than I ever thought possible!

That vacation also ended up being another very special event in our life! We decided we were ready to add a baby to our family and this trip was the kickoff for us to start trying - a conceptionmoon! Ha! Just like everything else in my life I planned and planned and decided it would take at least 3 months for us to get preggers. Well God had different plans, because about a week after we got back from Mexico I found out we didn't need to try anymore! We couldn't have been more excited, scared, nervous, joyful, and thankful all at once!

I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow and our "Neu"est lil nugget is due on June 28th! One week after our 3rd anniversary! We can't wait!

7 Weeks
13 Weeks - The little dot above the babies face is the the baby doing a thumb's up!

I really wanted to do the weekly postings starting early on, but the lil nugget had different ideas about that! The first trimester was extremly difficult to say the least! At about 5 weeks I started getting nauseous and it continued to get worse by the day. By week 6, I couldn't keep anything down and I could barely function at work. I was waking up around 3:00 am every day and vomiting nonstop for the rest of the morning, the rest of the day I spent trying not to throw up, and then by dinner time I was throwing up again... I was miserable. My doctor diagnosed me with Hyperemesis gravidarum, which is basically severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. I ended up in ER and being admitted into the hospital for dehydration and on constant medication to keep me from throwing up.

13 week bump!

At about 16 or 17 weeks I finally started feeling better! I'm finally able to eat, drink, and be awake past 7:00 pm! I'm so thankful that I can finally start enjoying my pregnancy! Even more so because we get to find out if Lil Neu is a boy or a girl on Friday! We are just praying for a healthy baby and are so excited to see him or her and hear the most amazing sound in the world again, the heart beat!

18 week post coming soon!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A lil "Neu" News!

Hey there! Long time no talk! There's been lots and lots going on around here!

Coming June 2012!

More details coming soon too!