Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I can't believe it's been so long since my last WILW post! I can't believe I actually got around to blogging on a weekday too... it's been forevs!

So here I go....

I'm loving my hubby! He always knows how to calm me down and get my crazy OCD butt to relax! It's been a necessity these past few weeks!

I'm loving Avani's mud mask. I totally got duped into buying it while at the nail salon a couple weeks ago... There was a little sales girl trying to sale the stuff, she was so sweet and excited about the product, and after about 8 people turning her down I just couldn't say no. I finally tried it out last night and the massive zit I had on my chin yesterday is pretty much gone and my pores look very clean! Pretty excited about it! The only downside is I accidentally got some mud in my mouth and I almost vomited! It tastes horrible! Ha!

I'm loving that our 2 year anniversary is only a few days away! I can't believe 2 years has flown by so fast! I'm such a lucky girl!

I'm loving that I finally finished the massive amount of laundry I had piled up! Folded and put away even!

I'm loving that Miles and Sara got married this past weekend! They are such sweet couple and make each other so happy! I know there will be many many years of love and happiness in store for them! Sara was one of the cops on Police Women of Dallas on TLC so I like to pretend it was a celebrity wedding! Miles is a Dallas cop too and he was in a couple of the episodes as well!

She was such a pretty bride!

I'm loving that my fav TLC shows are back on! 19 Kids and Counting and Sister Wives are so addicting! My dark little secret!

I'm loving My BIg Fat Gypsy Wedding too! Oh. Ma. Gosh! Have you seen this show??? Ca-razy! I'm addicted!

Apparently I watch to much TLC....

I'm loving Beckett of course too! Couldn't finish a WILW post without mentioning my boy!

Hope you're having a great week! I can't wait for the weekend! And to celebrate my daddy's 63rd birthday on Saturday!!!


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Taylor B. said...

Sister wives and gypsy wedding are my guilty pleasures! Gypsy is like watching a train wreck. I am horrified yet I can't take my eyes off the tv