Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vegas Baby!

I've been thinking and thinking about what to get Jeremy for his birthday and couldn’t come up with anything! We had been thinking about taking a cruise but since, but since I started my job around six months ago I don’t have a lot of vacation time built up yet and most of the reasonably priced cruises are during the week so that pretty much took that idea off the table. And when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, Jeremy being Jeremy only gave me very practical gift ideas. I hate getting people practical gifts! I think a gift should be something fun, a little indulgent, something you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself! So Jer’s ideas just wouldn’t cut it! I was sitting at work and all the sudden Las Vegas popped into my head! I IM’d Jeremy immediately to see what he thought and he said “Heck Yes!”. If you know us at all, you know that we're pretty much never spontaneous so the fact that we just made this decision in a matter of 2 IM’s was CRAZY! That night we shared a bottle of wine and booked our vacation! We are SOOOOO excited! Jeremy has never been and the time I went I was under age, so I fully intend on doing a little misbehaving! I think we deserve it!

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Heather said...

Michael's birthday is in April (I know far away) but he will be 30 so I want to plan something SUPER fun and I have been thinking about Vegas! You will have to tell me where you stay and if you liked it! Hope you guys have fun!!