Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Houston Trip!

So I have been soooo bad at blogging lately! Life has just been CRAZY! Between work and traveling for work and traveling for fun I haven't made the time to sit down and just do it!

Jeremy and I went to Houston a few weeks ago to visit his Dad, Glenn and Step Mom, Kim! They also let us bring Beckett with us! We were so happy that he got to come along! He did wonderful on his first road trip! We left in the middle of the day which is normally his nap time and he fell asleep like this in the back of the truck! Too cute!

Again I was very nervous about bringing Beckett into a new situation, but once again he surprised me and was an absolute doll! Kim and Glenn have a three story house and Beckett loved walking up and down the stairs and watching us from the balcony! He also really enjoyed sitting on the veranda scoping out the cats across the street! He did have an accident though! He pottied on the 2nd floor balcony that was over the driveway. I'm sure he was wondering why he was outside and he couldn't find any grass. Well Beckett's a big dog so he's got A LOT of wee wee and it dribbled over the edge right on top of Jeremy's truck and all down the windshield! Jeremy didn't find it quite as amusing as me!

Besides just coming down to visit and do lots of shopping with Kim, they invited us to come to a street festival in the...


It was really HOT, but so much fun! I especially liked getting to dress all matchy matchy in white! And the bonus fact that it's about the only color that makes me look tan! ;) I bought a special dress just for the event that I love! Me and Kim also went shopping on Saturday and I got the light pink head band I wore that night too!

Me & Jer

Me & Kim

The Twins (Jeremy and his Pops!)

And... I got to meet The Little Couple! I was so excited and they were so sweet and let me take a picture with them!

The sunset was so pretty over the street and the lights were very fun when they came on too!

We left after about two hours because of the heat and because I of course wore ridiculous shoes that were killing me after walking around the streets all afternoon! We headed to this place...

Which sounds very questionable, but is actually a very cute bar/lounge. It was so busy from the White Linen Night people that there was literally no room left in the Boom Boom Room! We just called it a night after that, we were all quite tired from the heat.

The next afternoon before we left we had lunch at a cute little Texas Hill Country themed restaurant. Enchanted Rock was were Jeremy took me on our first real date and I couldn't resist taking a picture with the sign! Shiny forehead and all!

It was a great weekend and we can't wait to go back! I think because I have lived so long in Dallas that I was a bit biased against Houston, but it was actually way better than I thought! I love being pleasantly surprised!


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