Monday, July 12, 2010

Adoption Update Part II

Good Morning!

We had a very exciting boxer adoption weekend! On Saturday we had our home visit and got to meet our “adoption counselor”, Kristen. I spent the morning cleaning the house from top to bottom. Jeremy thought it was hilarious that I was so nervous. At one point he said to me “Calm down, we’re adopting a dog, not a child”! Ha! I was freaking out a bit! I just wanted to be sure everything was perfect. The actual home visit was a lot less painful then I thought it would be. Kristen came over with her husband and their personal dog, Bismarck (who by the way was sooo stinkin cute!) and they just hung out for a little bit and figured out what we were looking for in a dog. They approved us and let us know that we should be hearing from foster parents soon to set up meet & greets with the boxers we’re interested in. Within about two hours we had already gotten a call from a foster mom wanting to set up a visit with her boxer boy, Camacho!

We got to meet him on Sunday and he was precious! He was found running around in Dallas by himself and was pretty beat up and very malnourished. All of his booboo’s have healed and he has gained all the weight back he needed to. He was a very good boxer and very calm by boxer standards. He really liked Jeremy, they played peek-a-boo in the backyard for a little bit and then he wouldn’t take his eyes off him and followed him around the rest of the time they were at our house. It was so sweet. Camacho is definitely a contender. We should have a couple more meet and greets with fosters this week and I hope we can make a decision by this weekend.

I can’t wait to get our new baby!


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Tedrick said...

He looks all handsome!!! I didn't realize Boxer's could be white...i embarrassed to say I thought they were all brown like Beau...lol