Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Best Lil Swimmer I know!

We spent the weekend at Cedar Creek Lake at Jeremy's Dad & Step mom's lake house a few weeks ago. Beckett loves going to the lake so of course we had to bring him along. As smart as Beckett is, he is just as equally clumsy! Jeremy says he takes after me! So due to this clumsiness and the fact that boxers aren't exactly known for the swimming ability, Beckett gets to wear a life jacket anytime we are close to the water! It definitely helped him out a couple times that weekend.

We spent quite a bit of time out on the dock just hanging out. Beckett cannot stand to not be where the people are so he was with us the whole time. Jeremy and his Dad were hanging out in the water and Kim, Beckett, and I were sitting on the lower level of the dock. Well Mr. Beckett decided he was going to try to sneak a little bite of dip off our makeshift table (a cooler) and I caught him. I guess it shocked him when I told him "No!" because he fell right off the side of the dock upside down. Luckily Daddy knew best and had the forethought to make me keep his life jacket on because he sunk right to the bottom before the life jacket flipped him over and brought him back up to the top. I felt so bad because he scuffed up his back leg and tummy, but I couldn't help but laugh. I'm pretty sure his little ego was bruised.

We don't keep Beckett on a leash when we are out there, there really isn't a need to. He is pretty much attached to someones hip at all times and the fact that he's too scared to really go anywhere by himself helps too. No one else in the neighborhood really keeps their dogs on leashes either and that's typically ok, except for when my crazy pup is in town. Beckett's is not a dog person by any stretch of the imagination, I say person because I treat him like a person and he's my baby! That afternoon the neighbors a couple houses down let their dogs out while we were still sitting outside. Beckett was not havin the other dogs in his area and was shaking and growling at them. Jeremy thought that since he wasn't on a leash he may be willing to meet them. Well this sweet lil old lady golden retriever came strolling over to say hi along with a yappy little dog that wouldn't stop barking. Jeremy was standing right next to all three of them and Beckett seemed fine and was just sniffing things out. Then all the sudden he turned on the golden retriever and went straight for her jugular! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! I panicked! Again we were close to the water on the lower deck and Beckett's paranoid parents still had his life vest on him; Jeremy picked him up by the handle on the back and chucked him right in the water! Then had to jump in after him to calm him down and get him out!

Needless to say we stayed on the upper deck or in the enclosed part of the backyard for the rest of the weekend.

Here are a couple pictures where Beckett was actually in the water on purpose. He was pretty good at swimming when he had too, but for the most part I think he just enjoyed sitting in the chairs hanging out with the boys!
Swimming to Daddy
Not so sure about this...
The boys relaxing in the water!
Such a brave boy!

Happy Tuesday!



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