Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beckett Loves Bathtime!

Or more like he tolerates it and behaves like a good boy and then loves getting out of the bathtub! After we dry him off we let him play with his towel and it is the funniest thing I have ever seen! He rolls all over the floor and twists and turns on his back. I had the cutest video of it, but I some how deleted it! :( I have a couple of him in the tub though that are so sweet! That should hold you ever until he gets another bath and I get a chance to video him do his lil twisty towel dance!

Such a precious face :)

The red thing on my hand has little nubbies on it so he gets a message while he gets all soapy too! I would love that, so I assume he does too!

I was told to put a towel and the bottom of the tub to keep his feet from sliding around. It seems to work good so I'm going to keep doing it, but man is it gross after we get finished!

Hope everyone had a great Thursday!



Amy said...

Love these pics.
He LOVES the hairdryer too, if you haven't figured that out already! I used to "dry" him off, even though he wasn't wet, while drying my hair.
Give him a big hug from me.

Kendall said...

Ha! I had noticed that. He stands under me every morning waiting for his turn while I blow dry my hair. He also likes to steal my bath towels and roll around and wrestle with them! I can't even get upset with him for doing it, it's too cute. I just do a lot more towel laundry now. Let us know anytime if you wanna get together so you can see him!