Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I've been wanting to make a headboard for quite a while. I picked out fabric forever ago, but could never find a comforter I liked to go with it. While out yesterday exchanging some gifts I decided I would go into Homegoods just to see what they had. They had some amazing deals going on and I found a comforter that I loved, but it didn't match the fabric I previously bought. I went ahead and decided to get the comforter and get new fabric, well while on our way out I saw a really pretty white quilt and I thought it would look so pretty on the end on the bed with the new comforter. I then decided I would just use the quilt to make the headboard and I love the way it turned out.

I thought I would share how I made it because it was pretty easy and far less expensive than buying a real headboard.


1. Particle board cut at Lowe's - $6.00
2. 2 rolls foam batting - $9.00
3. 2 sets of Button makers - $6.00
4. Quilt - $17.00

TOTAL: $38.00

Extras (things I already had not counted in my total):

1. Staple gun & staples
2. Extra fabric to cover my buttons (I used one of Jeremy's old white t-shirts)
3. Upholstery needle and thread
4. Drill

First, lay out all materials to make sure you have enough fabric & foam.

Drill your pre-measured holes for your buttons. Drill one large hole and a small hole next to it.

Then staple the foam batting and fabric down. It's easier to do the fabric with the board standing so you can make sure it's even.

This is what it looks like when it's done.

Then add your buttons. Go through the small hole first so when you are coming back through the larger hole will be easier to find.

Thread your button.

Pull it tight and tie in thread in a knot.



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