Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beckett & Homer

Well as I mentioned in my previous post the meeting didn’t go so well…. We were all so excited all weekend to meet him and introduce Beckett to his new partner in crime. My mom told us that Homer was a really calm good dog so we were thinking they would get along. Beckett has some serious issues with dogs… He is VERY specific about dog friends.

So Homer comes over and we introduce them in the backyard. There was about a minute of sniffing and then all HELL broke loose. Homer tried to put his paw on Beckett’s head, and well Beckett was not havin it… There was a lot of biting and nashing of teeth… We took Beckett inside and about 30 minutes later tried again. It went the same if not worse.

We decided to take Beckett to Petsmart and let Homer calm down. Well while we were gone my parents decided that Homer just wasn’t going to work out. He was way more hyper & aggresive than they initially thought and my dad was worried about how he would act if they were on a walk and another dog walked by. Not to mention that he was already as big as Beckett and is only 8 months old.

I feel so bad for Homer, but I know he will find a forever home that is perfect for him. I was almost in tears when we got back to my parents and kept telling them how sorry I was that this happened. My dad hugged me and told me that Beckett is part of our family so we will find a dog that works for him and that everything was ok. That made me feel so much better about the situation and so happy that Beckett is so loved by my family.

Amy, Beckett’s foster mom was called and she is now my parent’s adoption counselor. She is going to help us find them a dog that will get along with Beckett and I am so thankful for that. He has a play date this weekend with two potential dogs.

Keep us in your thoughts this weekend that we will find that special boy for my parents!


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