Friday, April 8, 2011

A little about me - DBM

Good Morning!

I've been such a slacker with blogging lately. Trying to catch up one day at a time!

I'm linking up for the Dallas Blogger Meetup to let everyone know a lil about moi! I'm going to be attending a couple events for the DBM and I can't wait! It's going to be soooo much fun to meet the people I already know so much about.

So without further ado...

- I'm married to the most amazing handsome loving man, Jeremy! I have to brag a bit, he is a total smarty pants! He was first in his class in the honors college at Texas Tech! He graduated high school, undergrad, and grad school with a 4.0! Handsome & smart, not sure how I got so lucky!

- I'm probably one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet.

- I'm totally OCD about cleaning my house. If it's out of order or dirty I can't focus until it's clean. Something I'm sure I'll have to work on once children come along.

- Lately anytime I tell someone I have something to tell them they automatically think I'm preggers! Not sure if it's cause they're excited or they think I'm fat! Ha! It's happened 3, yes 3 times just this week!

- I love ranch dressing! It's pretty much the only reason I eat raw carrots.

- I'm obsessed with my Boxer, Beckett. We adopted him from Legacy Boxer Rescue. He was abused by his previous owners and was so shy and scared when we got him! He was literally afraid of the wind. Now he's happy and playful and a normal silly boxer! I love that his personality has come back and he knows he's safe! We are still working on socializing him with other dogs, but he has come such a loooonnnnnggg way!

- This year I've decided that I refuse to be a fat married person. I lost a lot of weight for my wedding and I gained it all back plus several extra pounds! So much so I couldn't button my fat pants! EEEEKKK! So since January I've completed my first 5K, The 30 Day Shred, and now I'm on to Insanity! I still hate every minute of exercising but I love that I can fit into jeans that I haven't wore in almost 3 years!!!

- I have my Masters in Healthcare Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio and my Bachelors in Healthcare Management from Harding University in Arkansas.

- I love the color pink!

- Spending the day outside in the warm sun with a cold beer and my family and friends are my favorite days!

- I love bass fishing,

- Everyone thinks I'm really girly, but I don't think I am. I have no sense of style what so ever. If we are ever rich I'm totally hiring a stylist!

-  My husband and I carpool to work almost everyday.

- I love cooking, but I loathe going to the grocery store.

- If I could eat tortillas & queso everyday for the rest of my life I would be perfectly happy.

- My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

- I use to tap dance and I would randomly without even thinking about it start tap dancing down the hall at work. I worked in an ICU so the floors sounded great under my tennis shoes. So everyone called me twinkle, short for twinkle toes.

- I've posted a few blog posts that were about trust and stress and again everyone thought I was pregnant, but I'm not. Everyone in my real life now knows the news so it's only fitting that I should tell my bloggy friends now too. I got offered a new job!!!! It's a great promotion and I can't wait to start, but the whole process was stressin me out big time! But, thank you thank you thank you for all those who showed concern and prayed for me! It means so much!!!

Happy Friday ladies!!



Angie said...

Oh girl....we will get along great! I love to cook and love a cold beer now and then. I also would be perfectly happy eating queso every day from now on ;)

We looked at the Boxer rescue here in North Texas too while looking for our new puppy! We finally found him through another rescue, he isn't full blood boxer though.

Can't wait to meet ya at the DBM!

Kelsey Claire said...

Can't wait to meet you. I love that you and your hubby carpool to work. Where exactly do you live in the Dallas area?

tickled. said...

warm day, cold beer AND chips & queso ... my kind of day! we would be real life besties .. if of course we didn't live across the country from each other! :)

xo! Lauren @ tickled.

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