Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap!

We had a busy busy weekend! I was exhausted by the time Sunday evening rolled around. So instead of writing paragraph after paragraph of everything this weekend entailed I opted for bullet point. And really who doesn't enjoy a good bullet pointed list on a Monday afternoon! Ha!

  • Early happy hour after work with some coworkers that I won't see again before my last day due to traveling at a local bar, Stoneleigh P.
  • Dinner with Friends that were in town from Nashville for a funeral. Horrible reason for them to be in Dallas, but glad I got to see them and thier lil one, Riley. I only got one pic... :( But at least it was of our two babies.

  • Hair appointment! Chopped almost 6 inches off!!! If you remember my post here, you understand the serious amount of stress cutting my hair causes. I went with a recommendation from Lindsey and I love it! I will definitely be going back!
  • Out to the west side of the metroplex to watch my cousins kids play baseball and softball follwed by me having to leave early because I got my first BAD sunburn of the season. I even had sun screen on... I can't stand pale skin! Ugghhhh... The rest of my olive skinned perfectly tanned family looked all kinds of golden and glowy while I left in pain looking like a lobster. Why did I have to miss out on that gene???
  • After a nap and a painful shower, me and the SIL headed out to San Martino Winery for Sister's Night! We had a blast and I drank the sun burn pain away!
  • Yes, we brought Pizza Hut with us to a winery. We're classy! Some old drunk guy with a fancy picnic basket wanted our leftovers though, so it made us feel a lttle better.
    The new do! What do you think????

    Notice how pink I am?
    Me and my SIL! Jeremy and her could never deny they are related!
    Beautiful sunset over the vineyard!
  • The winery closed at 9:00 so we headed over to meet Jeremy at our friends house before heading home to crash.
  • Slept in until 11:00! Can't remember the last time I did that! Too much wine and sun I guess!
  • Ran errands. Made my first goodwill trip trying to be all sorts of crafty like all these blog ladies I read about with perfect looking homes. I left with nothing except for the strange smell of old shoes lingering in my hair...
  • Grocery shopping and light cleaning while Beckett watched Daddy mow.
  • Wish I could spend the day relaxing watching my hot sweaty man mow! Ha! Too much?
  • Sunday night family dinner with Jer's family. This is a new tradition we've started and I love it. Last night was our night to host. I made Spinach Lasagna Wraps and they were delish! You can find the recipe here.
  • Cleaned up, cuddled with my boys, then bed!
Great weekend! Hope yours was too!

One more question! If you haven't noticed all my pictures are pretty much from my iphone, my current camera is older and it's a huge pain getting pictures off it and loaded onto the computer. So I've asked for a new camera for my birthday! I was thinking about the Canon Rebel T3. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on this bad boy?



Summer Athena said...

loving the hair, chickadee!

Amy said...

Hey, just visiting from mingle monday! you have a super cute blog! I'm your newest follower!

Casey said...

Hi! Just stopping by to visit from Mingle Monday! I'm a Dallas-ite (is that the way to say it?) and LOVE the Stoneleigh P! Looks like you had an awesome weekend. Hope your week is great too!

www. poodleism.com

Julie {love, julie} said...

You weekend looks like so much fun and your hair looks fabulous!

Stopping by from mingle Monday :)

Heather said...

I totally understand your paleness issue! I'm as white as they come. I only use Bullfrog sunscreen and it works great for me!

I am SO addicted to those Spinach Lasagna rolls! I love that they're only 220 calories each!

Susan said...

Those spinach lasagna wraps look delicious! Thanks for sharing.

IrishPrincess said...

Gasp! You have a boxer. I'm hoping to get one reeeeally soon. :) Love the hair cut by the way.

tickled. said...

those spinach lasagna wraps look AMAZING! must try those! :)

xo! Lauren @ tickled.

Lindsey said...

Obviously I love your hair, it looks sooo good! Jealous you went to that winery, it looks amazing! And lastly, I'm going to have to try to make those spinach lasagna wraps. They look DEELISH! About to check the recipe out.