Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Jeremy and I started Couch to 5K last night! I’m pretty excited about it. I have been saying that I want to be able to run a 5K for the past couple of years.

I started running when I was trying to lose weight for my wedding, but I never got past more than a mile and a half at one time. It got too hot, I got distracted with wedding stuff and gave up pushing myself to do more. I also was trying to do it all at once, meaning I would run a mile and a half and then expect myself to be able to run two miles the next day… Never being able to accomplish that goal was definitely disheartening and I gave up. I just couldn’t push myself to do it… I know it’s all mental or at least that’s what everyone tells me. I have a hard time believing that when it feels like my lungs are going to explode out of my chest! Hopefully this program will help with that and I can gradually work up to it.

I have read lots on this program and I like that it makes it so easy. Not only in the fact that it literally is for the beginner runner, but I downloaded the Iphone app and I have a little voice in my ear that dings and tells me when to run and walk and how much time I have left. So I literally don’t have to think at all. I tuck my phone away too so I can’t watch the time either.

I found a blog that wrote a great review and it really gives me a lot of reassurance that I can do it and actually complete it. It also makes me glad that I’m not the only one that views running as PURE TORTURE!

Click the picture to read the review.

Last night’s run/walk was really easy and I felt great afterwards. You are only suppose to do the runs 3 x’s a week but I think we are going to repeat the runs a couple times extra a week just to get some more exercise.

Beckett is going to be running with us! He seemed really happy after the run last night too! Hopefully I can find a doggy 5K that we all can run sometime early next year!

Keep your fingers crossed that I keep up with this. I think I am going to find a race and pay for it soon so that I have to complete it! I’m such a tightwad it might actually push me even harder! HA!


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