Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Thoughts....

1. We have our family pictures tomorrow and I’m hoping the weather cooperates and it’s not too cold or windy! Really nervous about what we should wear too… Any suggestions???

2. I had a great meeting yesterday that I can’t really discuss, but I just know it’s FATE! I for once in my life am letting God take control and he is working in ways that I never thought possible! It’s kind of nice to not have an exact 1/2/5 year plan! Yes, I have had those and God has laughed at me several time while he completely changed them! I started freaking out about it but I have gotten some great advice from a couple close friends and I’m feeling more comfortable with it! It’s actually very calming to not have to be in control constantly!

3. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday! We will be at my parents house and some of Jeremy’s family will be joining us! We are so blessed that we are able to spend holidays with both of our families!

4. I have sort of felt the “baby bug” lately! Oh. My. Gosh! I know!!! My best friend sent me this LINK. THANK THE LORD! Exactly what I needed to hear and it confirmed a lot of my fears about it all! I can’t wait to have lil ones, but this definitely slowed down the excitement for it. Any newlywed ladies out there that are thinking about lil ones in the near future should read this too! The time we get to spend as a couple, just me and him is so valuable and I want to make sure we have spent plenty of time being wild and crazy before we really “settle down”.

5. I hate getting anxious about things… it makes my stomach hurt!

6. Had this conversation last night with a friend, but I still really just cannot understand how people can have no regret about their past. I get the whole it made me a better person or I learned from it blah blah blah, but it still doesn’t make sense to me. I regret a lot of things that I have done in my life and wish I could take them back. Not sure how other people can’t feel that way too at least on some level.

7. I love having a husband that is in the same field of work as me. We spent over an hour debating the benefits of for-profit & not-for-profit hospitals this morning and it was so fun! Nerdy, I know… I also love that we have so much in common and that we can always find something to have an interesting conversation about. I hope we never turn into one of those couples that just stare off into space when they go out to eat.

8. Beckett has become a whiner… not sure how he learned that, but he has figured out that it makes me feel bad for him and he gets what he wants. It’s becoming very annoying and we’re working on trying to make it stop.

9. Been doing a lot of praying for blog friends lately. They are people I don’t know, but love reading about. It’s kinda strange that I feel like I know these people so well and I have no idea who they are… I am amazed that they have the courage to share their struggles and heartache with complete strangers. Sometimes I wish I was able to open up that much.

10. This is probably the most personal, random blog post I have ever written and I think I am going to try to continue to be a little more open. It feels kinda good to get some random stuff off of my chest.

Happy Friday everyone!


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