Friday, March 25, 2011

Hair Update & A Giveaway!

Ok... so I've been like seconds away from a panic attack ever since I made the spastic hair appointment. It's been cancelled and I feel a ton better!

Lindsey Lee aka The Bargain Blonde suggested that I go to her stylist. Her hair is B-E-A-Utiful so I'm entrusting her with mine. I have a feeling she's just as picky and OCD as me based on her comment on my last post. I too have cried and been a total psycho after a bad haircut. This salon is the official Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders salon so I'm pretty sure I'll look like this when I leave. Abs and all!

I've scheduled an appointment at the new salon for April 9th, that was the soonest he could get me in so I figure he must be amazing!

And speaking of the fabulous Ms. Lindsey Lee, she's hosting her first giveaway over at The Bargain Blonde! She's giving one lucky follower one of these adorable cuffs!

If you haven't checked out her blog you need to, like now! She's a hilarious bargain shopping babe who will keep you laughing and your pocket book full! So go follow her and sign up for her giveaway!

Happy Friday ladies!



Lindsey said...

Love everything about this post! What time is it on the 9th? Maybe we can go to lunch befor or after - there is food in that shopping center by the salon. I can come sit with you for a bit during the cut! Well, if I don't have Reese. HA!

ummm if only I left the salon with the DCC bodies, I would pay 1,000 for the cut then!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for checking out my blog on WILW! I'm following yours now. The iPhone cover is from Posy Lane.

I totally know what you mean about hair OCD - I am the exact same way. It takes me forever to find a stylist I trust and I will cry my eyes out over a bad haircut!

Heather said...

Haha, I literally just got my hair cut this afternoon. I'd used this stylist before (and LOVED him) but since he was pricey I decided to look elsewhere.

I am so happy I went back to him. I'll never stray again, lol.

I hope your appointment goes well!