Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Missed WILW last week, but I'm back, don't you worry! Go link up with Jamie and join in!

I'm loving that it's Wednesday and the week is half way over! Sooooo ready for Friday!

I'm loving the weather! I wish it could be 80 all year round!

I'm loving all the new growth on all the plants in our yard. It's so rewarding to know that you are growing something and it looks good! I've pretty much killed every plant so this is a big deal to me!

I'm loving that my SIL is coming over tonight and we are going to have wine and girl talk!

I'm loving the fountain Jeremy and I built this weekend. Yes, we BUILT! Ha! I think I need to do a "how to" on that project!

I'm loving these pumps I got at B Pub for 30% off. I work in the healthcare corporate world and it's pretty conservative so this is about as exciting as my footwear gets to get at work!

I actually got these in black patent, but couldn't find a picture...

I'm loving The Pioneer Women! I think I'm a little late to this bandwagon, but I just found her and I'm obsessed! I tried one of her reciped the other night and it was DELISH! So good that the leftovers were even eaten!

I'm loving that our patio renovation is underway and will hopefully be completed by next weekend! Can't wait! Pictures to come!

As always, I'm loving my sweet hubby and my adorable Beckett!

Dancing in front of my hubs at our reception while he's singing "Ice Ice Baby"... Yep, we're that amazing! Ha!



Emily P. said...

super cool fountain! I love doing yard work!

Suzanne said...

Just posted a few days ago about Pioneer Woman!

I'm a new follower from WILW! :)

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through the link up...Beckett is adorable!!

Mrs. Magnolia said...

The fountain is gorgeous. I'll be waiting for a tutorial soon :) I'm also loving those temperatues, can we say Vitamin D please? You will not be disappointed in any PW recipe. All so easy & delicious!

Happy Wednesday!

Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisys said...

Love the fountain

Kit said...

Great things that you are loving today!!! Love your pup!

Brittany said...

I love those shoes! I've been looking for some nutral pumps for awile now, just haven't seen some that I like, but I love those. I saw you posted on my blog, and now I'm a new follower of yours!


Lindsey said...

omg! I love the weather! Sitting in my living room with the patio open. It feels AMAZEBALLS!

and say whaaa?? You made that fountain???? Yes, please share.

Have fun @ wine night, love those shoes! Totally worth the dollars!

And never met any pioneer woman meels, but all of her recipes I've ever read look SO AMAZING! And I saw her do a throwdown with Bobby Flay for THanksgiving and she beat him! YUM! I need her to cook for me every night. Then I'd really be obese. Yikes, scratch that.

Lindsey said...

And by meels, I meant meals.

Heather said...

Love love love Pioneer Woman. Also love those shoes.

And PLEASE do a tutorial on the fountain! That's gorgeous!