Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm linking up again for What I'm Loving Wednesday over at Jamie's blog, This Kind of Love!

I'm loving... Chanel Glossimer Lip Gloss - I can't live without this stuff! It's a gel formula so it doesn't get sticky and stays on a lot longer than most gloss.

I'm loving... Aveeno Smart Essentials Night Cream - Just started using this stuff. It smells greats and keeps my skin from feeling so dry.

I'm loving... Gerber Daisies - I just bought some at Lowe's this weekend and planted them in some fun spring colored pots on the back patio! They make me so happy when I look outside!

I'm loving... Patios! - We're having a couple different companies come out this week and give us some design workups and bids on redoing our back patio! I can't wait! I love spending time outdoors and I'm sooo looking forward to creating an outdoor living space at our house! I'm loving these inspirations.

I'm loving... that my "fat" pants are too big!!! They are hanging off of me and it makes me feel amazing! It was just a couple of months ago that they were too tight! Thank you Jillian Michael's & C25K!

I'm loving... my amazing, smart, talented, and handsome husband!



Kait @ Mrs. DIY and the tennis guy said...

Oh my goodness! I Love all of those things. Especially the lipgloss and the patios! Awesome job on the weight loss. I have done the C25k before (but a LONG time ago) and am thinking about doing it again! Also, Jillian Michaels. Are you doing the 30 day shred?

tickled. said...

Oh I'm LOVING patios too ... and the weather is warming up here so it's about time for cookouts and patio time! :)

Found your blog from WILW! :)

Lauren @ tickled.

Mrs. Magnolia said...

Must try that lip gloss. How exciting about the back patio, all of those pictures are gorgeous. Congrats on the "fat" pants being too big!

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

congrats on the loss! yay to fat jeans being too big. what is c25K?

Amanda said...

I LOVE Gerber daisies!

And those patios are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love how they have fireplaces!

Rachel and John said...

I LOVE a good patio fireplace! I wish we could have one, but our patio was built before we got this house and it's new enough that we would feel silly replacing it already. I will live through yours! Can't wait to see what you decide.

Lindsey said...

Congrats on fitting in your fat pants, it's a step closer to skinny ones!! I'm still working toward that too. I don't know why I've never bought that Chanel lip gloss, but I've always always always wanted to. There is a light pink shimmery color that is just so pretty. I need to give in and buy it.

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

Gorgeous patio inspiration pics! I'm a new follower and I love the blog!