Thursday, January 20, 2011


I was sitting here thinking about what to post about and having a little trouble so decided to go through some pictures for some insipiration.

I looked at a folder of pictures from my first semester of grad school and that was it! Grad school was an amazing time for me. It was the first time I lived by myself, it was the first time I had a real "adult" job, and it was my first time to really be carefree and live life to the fullest! Really, that first year was my first chance to be an adult and I like to think I did pretty awesome at it! Ha! I feel like I changed so much in that first year of grad school, more than I did in the previous four years of undergrad.

I made some amazing friends and met my SABF (San Antonio Best Friend), Amanda. We both live in the Dallas area now so I guess we are DBF's now... I'll let her know!

I also hung out with my future hubby for the first time at a bar called 50/50's. We then went to my house and played board games where I proceeded to kick his booty for the next four hours.

He told me later on that he told his Momma the next day that he met a girl he thought he might marry!

The next weekend we went on our first real date. He took me hiking at Enchanted Rock in the Texas Hill Country. It was beautiful and I was in love! Very quick I know, but I feel like when you know, you just know! :)

Jumping for joy!

I couldn't be anymore thankful that God guided me there and allowed me to meet these amazing people! These firsts will forever be cherished.


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