Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Wee Bit of Me

Linking up with Leigh today for "A Wee Bit of Me Wednesday"! So fun!

{one} how tall are you?

I'm 5’5". Wish I was taller... More room to spread out the fat ;)

{two} besides bills, what do you spend most of your money on?

We tend to go out to eat ALOT! I've been trying to cut back for diet purposes, but I've definitely noticed the savings in the bank! Other than that, probably house stuff since we are trying to fill up and decorate our new home.

{three} what are your three favorite websites?
Definitely Blogger! Google Reader is a new fav, so convenient when I'm reading on my phone. Facebook is also a must!

{four} what brand of tennis shoes do you prefer?
Mizuno, they are the best running shoes. Just splurged on a new pair and they are heavenly!

{five} what food can you absolutely not stand to eat?
Pretty much anything hot and spicy minus Mexican food I love me some salsa. I can't stand black pepper either...

{six} How many pairs of jeans do you own?
I think it’s about 8 or 9. Right now I'm only fitting in about 3 of them... :-/ eeeekkkK! Hence the diet mentioned above!

{seven} if you could have any job, what would it be?
I've always wanted to own a cute little home decor boutique in a quaint downtown. I think it would be so fun!

{eight} have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
Nope! Very thankful for that!

{nine} how many pillows do you sleep with?
Two for me and two for the hubs. We have 12 total on the bed when it's made, but they are pretty much always thrown on the floor. I'm pretty sure Beckett sleeps with those...

{ten} on a scale of 1-5, how organized are you?
5. I get a little crazy when things are where they are supposed to be!

okay, your turn!




IrishPrincess said...

yay, for being 5'5! i like my height but always wished i had longer legs!

looking forward to following your blog!

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to try Mizunos, but your right, they are too expensive...I can't justify spending that much money on running shoes. Now if it was Louboutins, then okay. LOL.