Saturday, February 5, 2011


  • I am so sick of being in my house. This weather is driving me absolutely CRAZY! This morning I woke up feeling like a little kid wishing for a snow day only to look outside and see absolutely nothing except the exact opposite! The news keeps saying that it's going to melt away today, but considering he temp right now is a whooping 19 I don't think there's a chance...

  • I haven't been able to run since Monday... Really annoyed about that too.

  • We took Beckett for a walk yesterday and let him off his leash to play in the snow. He ran as hard and as fast as he could through the snow and jumped and leaped and ate snow! It was too cute. He also listened really well when we called him back! I was such a proud momma yesterday!

  • I keep reading reviews about the 30 day shred on blogs and different fitness websites. It sounded pretty interesting, but I have failed at so many in home workouts so I didn't want to purchase another one. While reading reviews I saw that Direct TV had the level 1 workout "on demand" so I decided to try it out. I have done it twice now and I really like it. It's only 20 minutes and actually does a pretty good job of working every muscle group. My calves have been really sore since I started. As soon as the streets clear up I'll be heading to Target to purchase this and some bigger wieghts. I figure I can fit in 20 minutes a day everyday and also still run 4 times a week.

  • I've lost 4.5 lbs!!! Wooooohooooo! So proud of myself! I have definitely not stuck to the eating plan everyday, but I would say I stick to it 90% of the time. Thursday for example was a really long day at work and then the commute home took two hours! I was completely defeated and rewarded myself with a HUGE bacon cheeseburger! Don't judge! Ha! I figure it's ok to cheat every once in a while otherwise I don't think I could handle it, nor would anyone want to be around me.

  • Could someone explain to me why women always feel the need to focus on the negative? I could receive 100 compliments and 1 negative comment and I always seem to dwell on the negative... That was another reason for the massive burger on Thursday... Ha! I really need to start focusing on the positive instead of the negative!


That's it I guess. It's early and my brain is not functioning... Hope every one has a warm, fun filled, footbally weekend!

Oh and please continue to pray for Jack and his family.


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Lindsey said...

OMG I just found out this week that my On Demand has the 30 day shred and tons of other work out shows, I'm going to try to do one of the ab ones and yyoga ones this week. And yes, you have to cheat. I cheated all day today, blech! Back to the work out and diet grind tomorrow. YAY for your 4.5 lb loss!