Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Because I love link ups! What I'm loving Wednesday!

1. The Shred - I really think it's working. I don't do it every day like you are supposed to, but I'm doing it every day that I don't run and I can really tell a difference in my waist size! Makes me want to keep going!

2. Katie & Cassie Pinto Grigio - The hubs bought me a bottle for V-day and it's delish! I've been splurging the last couple of nights and having a glass (or two)!

3. My running buddy, Beckett! He was exhausted on Monday when we finished 2.8 miles!!!

 4. These shoes! I really can not wait for spring and all the clothes and shoes that go with it! I'm not loving these, I'm obsessing! I think this is going to be part of my v-day shopping spree the hubs is taking me on this weekend! He knows me too well, hot pink flowers, pinot grigio, and a very large gift card to North Park!

5. The song - "Children of God" by Third Day! It lifts me up and energizes me!

6. And last, but not least, my man!

What are you loving? Link up with Jamie and let us know!



Mrs. Magnolia said...

Thanks for finding my blog. How cute is you & your blog?? I did the Shred last year and I think you have just motivated me to start it again. I'm also about to begin training for a 5k (baby steps) and I am so NOT runner.

Never had that wine but you make it sound delish. Oh, and Beckett is adorable.

Mrs. Magnolia said...

Terrible grammar. How cute ARE you & your blog. hah.

Lyndsay said...

I've done the Shred before and it really does work! :)

Meredith! said...

awh what a good running buddy! =)

Cait said...

so cute :) love your blog! the 30 day shred is AMAZING- i've done it before and found great results! good luck girl!

Lindsey said...

I have the Shred on fitness TV, i guess I should try it out! And flowers, wine and shopping spree sounds like the perfect vday gift to me. Shoes are very cute, I'm about to do a Spring fashion post.